Types of Large Refrigerated Water Coolers

First of all – what are large refrigerated water coolers?

Just like any drinking water cooler, a large water cooler makes it possible to access clean, chilled drinking water straight from the tap. The difference is simply the amount of water that the system can store at one single time – and if there’s high demand for a continuous supply of drinking water, the bigger, the better.

Frigmac’s large refrigerated water coolers are the perfect solution for your business, with the ability to store and cool up to 474 litres at one time. Our large stainless steel dispensers are fitted with a number of chromed plated, push button taps on the front of the water cooler, enabling water bottles and a number of different accessories to be filled with ease. The chromed plated buttons are durable, serving as an aesthetic alternative to plastic that provides corrosion resistance and ease-of-cleaning.

If you’re wondering where to buy a large water dispenser, you’re at the perfect place. We’ve been in the business since 1977 with a proud reputation as one of Australia’s leaders in the industry. We actually specialise in the whole process, from design to importation, and manufacturing to successful installation. We’re your one-stop solution!

Whether you’re looking for portable water sinks or simple cooler ideas, view our small and large water bottle options here. We stock a range of stylish, modern bottled water dispensers that have been manufactured to the highest standard and are distributed Australia wide. All of our bottled dispensers can be used with any standard sized water bottle (15 litres) and can easily be fitted to a variety of filtration systems. We also have options that are available in either hot, cold or room temperature water.

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