Finally we have received our Iron Worker and Tube Bending Machines.  Trying to find room to fit them into our workshop. It becoming a little bit too small

Iron Worker Tube Bending Machines

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Frigmac HQ Updates


Our new office door were installed today. Starting to look good. Now we have to finish the rest to the office. We recently had Ashley on work experience. He was a great help and we hope he had a good time and learnt a few things.  FINALLY WORK HAS STARTED. WE ARE DEMOLOSHING THE OLD OFFICE TO MAKE ROOM FOR THE NEW MODERN ON...
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New Secretary


Thank you Brett for doing such a good job of managing the office and workshop while we were in China.  We know it would not have been easy.  You did such a good job we are already planning our next business trip.
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Have just ordered our new CNC Hydraulic Bending Machine.  This will help speed up our manufacturing.  Should be ready for delivery at the end of September.
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Had a very successful trip to Shanghai recently. Visited the Expo and viewed many different and new types of water chillers. Also visited a few factories with the view of purchasing some new machinery for our manufacturing.
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