Frigmac HQ Updates

Our new office door were installed today. Starting to look good. Now we have to finish the rest to the office.


We recently had Ashley on work experience. He was a great help and we hope he had a good time and learnt a few things.

ashley 18june2019


We wish everyone a happy and safe easter

easter 2019

louvre bending machine 16april2019

Our louvre bending machine is all set up and going again.

It has taken a while to sort out the die but it is not giving any problems at the moment

This will speed up our manufacturing and hopefully catch up outstanding orders

ashley at guildford grammar 21january2019ashley working at guildford grammar 21january2019

Our very helpful TA Ashley hard at work helping to service water coolers in schools.

It has been very hot and the water coolers need to be in good condition for when the students return to school.

We can be sure they will get nice cold water

Keep up the good work Ashley

unloading ls100 container

Finally our container of Model LS100 has arrived.  A busy day emptying container.
Even busier next week unpacking, checking and test running these refrigerated water chillers.

air water generator 2Our new luxury water dispenser has finally arrived.  No need for a main water connection. Will deliver approximately 18 litres of water per day depending upon conditions of installation

After a successful trip to an expo in China we now have some new products coming soon.

graeme brett paul trying to start new machine (2)Graeme, Brett and Paul working out how to start our new machine.  Lots of talking but not much action on seeing how the machine is working

Our new machine arrived today. What a mission to get it out of the container.  All good now safely in the workshop without any damage. Now the fun starts assembling it all together.  This is going to take a while.  It will be good when it is all together and workingnew machine 2march18new machine 2march2018new macchine 2march2018new machine 2march2018

paul servicing frs at wesley college 10july2017The boys have been busy while the schools are on holidays servicing water chillers.

workshop2 5july2017It is so cold.  We are all keeping busy to try and get warm.

container at workshopVery busy workshop. Busy emptying and sorting two containers that have just arrived. Have new stock and some new products

BD-3100 photo-1BD-3019 photoWe have added some new products to our range now available

brett making tls16paul and graene welding tanksworkshop video 24may2017Manufacturing water coolers in our workshop

weary travellers 20april2017 3Having had a week away in Guangzhou at the Canton Fair our very tired travellers have returned  home.

Not yet back at work. Still getting over jet lag.


Now have bender in position in the factory.  Just need to put it all together and have the power connected.  Was a bit of a mission getting it out of the container but all is good now.

new bending machine 1
Finally our new bending machine has arrived. Now the fun and games begin getting it out of the container (this is going to be a mission) Then we have to get into the workshop and position it. This is going to be fun and games for the next few days

graeme with new bending machine 17sept2016

Had another successful trip to China.  We were able to see our bending machine operating although it is not quite finished.  This will help speed up our manfacturing  process.  Can’t wait for it to be delivered.