Drinking Water Fountains for Schools

At Frigmac, our goal is to make it as easy as possible for school kids to drink more water. We’ve all heard about the ‘eight glasses a day’ rule, but what about a sip or two every time the opportunity presents itself? Staying hydrated should be a top priority when learning, and it’s possible with the right water bubbler for schools.

We’re a specialist provider of drinking water fountains for schools, offering a variety of large and small portable water fountains that are perfect for the schooling environment. They’re easily accessible, safe to use and were built to ensure minimal wastage – even when used by people who do not yet understand the utter importance of water conservation.

We build outdoor water fountains with the future in mind, offering an extended service with exceptional after-sales support. Also, if your school already has existing drinking troughs that need to be fixed or upgraded, Frigmac can get the job done.

Want the specifics of our products? Our outdoor drinking water fountains for schools include:

• Free-standing, refrigerated water coolers for high schools, primary schools, pre-schools and childcare centers
• Multi-level water chillers that are suitable for children of different heights
• Multi/single-faucet drinking troughs with wheelchair access
• Wall-mounted drinking troughs

Have a look at our range of school outdoor water fountains here. For more information or some friendly advice about our varying options of external drinking water fountains for schools, give us a call now on 1300 805 732, or simply contact us.