What should I consider when selecting a refrigerated water cooler?

Before choosing a water cooler there are a number of things you need to consider: Where is the water cooler going to be installed? (Home, hospital, school, office, building site, mining camp, workshop, etc.) Will the water cooler be installed indoors or outside? Will people drink directly from the water cooler or will they use a cup or glass? Are water containers going to be filled? If so, how much water per container and how often will they be refilled? How many people are going to use the water cooler, and over what time period? Is the water cooler going to be using bottled water or is it going to be connected to a water supply? Will a water drain be required? Is there access within the building or surrounding area for one to be installed? Is there an electrical power supply available? Does the water have to be refrigerated? Are the environmental surroundings corrosive or non corrosive?