Water Dispensing for the Industrial Sector

Frigmac is an experienced designer, manufacturer and supplier of refrigerated water dispensing products for the industrial sector.

Why work with Frigmac for the industrial sector?

The industrial sector is a big player in the economy. Manual labour means staff need to keep hydrated with easy access to fresh, clean, cold water.

What can Frigmac do for my business?

Frigmac can manufacture, import and supply a full range of water dispensing systems for industrial enterprises.

What type of solution does an industrial site need?

We typically supply mains-connected water systems for businesses involved with industrial enterprise. These units can be either smaller than a full-scale large-capacity refrigerated water cooler but voluminous enough to service a standard labour force. We generally also supply smaller water filtration systems or water coolers in the administration buildings for these sites.

How does a Frigmac water dispensing system save my business money?

Implementing a Frigmac water dispensing system across your site means your dispersed staff don’t need to walk from one end of the site to the other for water. Multiple water access points means higher productivity and lower lost time on site, plus it negates the need to purchase bottled water for staff.

Which products should I order?

Industry is a broad sector, so we encourage business owners to reach and consult with us. We supply free quotes and design solutions.

Do you offer warranties or aftercare services?

  • All our products come with a warranty
  • We stock and supply spare parts for our water dispensing units
  • Our Staff are fully qualified with all the appropriate licenses

Can we consult about my business?

At Frigmac we’re always happy to chat about your unique business needs. Browse our products page to see the types of products we usually recommend, or get in touch today for a consultation.