Corporate Sector

We’ll help you find the refrigerated water dispensing products you need to keep your corporate team hydrated.

Frigmac is a top-tier supplier for water cooling and filtration systems. We’ve got over 40 years of experience supplying busy workplaces with efficient water dispensing systems. Our water coolers are an economical way to keep your employees and clients satisfied with fresh, cool and clean drinking water.

Frigmac manufactures, imports and supplies water dispensing systems for corporate enterprises and small-to-medium businesses. We can provide mains connected or freestanding water coolers to suit your office size and needs.

We typically supply administrative and clerical offices with a mains-connected water cooler or a filtered water dispenser. These models can be either floor or bench mounted and supply between 8 and 30 litres of cold water per hour – some also supply hot and cold water. Our water coolers are available in a wide range of sizes and configurations, so they’re suitable for almost any office space or workforce size.

Most office-based businesses will find they are best suited to products on our Mains Water and Filtered Water Dispensers pages.

All Frigmac products come with a warranty, plus we stock and supply spare parts for our water dispensing units so you’ll have ongoing support as required. Our fully qualified refrigeration technicians carry all appropriate licenses to ensure high quality, reliable water dispensing solutions.

Frigmac is a highly experienced organisation with many years of service experience, in fact, Frigmac has been designing and supplying water dispensing solutions in Australian businesses for over 40 years! We’re always happy to offer free quotes and advice to discuss your requirements if you can’t find a product that suits your needs – just give us a call.

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