Medical Field

Keep your staff and patients well hydrated with an efficient Frigmac refrigerated water dispensing solution.

Whether you need to put in a new solution or upgrade your old system, we can supply your medical practice or hospital with water dispensing units to keep everyone refreshed.

Frigmac manufactures, imports and supplies full-scale water dispensing systems for hospitals, doctors surgeries, dentists, clinics, consulting facilities and more. Whether you need a filtered water dispenser for the waiting room or multi-unit systems to provide water for the whole facility, Frigmac is equipped to supply a solution.

In the past, we’ve supplied water dispensing systems to hospitals and clinics in the medical field including mains connected units and large-storage water systems. For waiting rooms in a smaller facility, we would typically recommend a filtered water dispenser. In a hospital with more visitors per hour, we would suggest either a wall or floor mounted larger capacity water dispenser.

Frigmac understands the critical importance of hygiene in the medical industry, so we offer regular maintenance for your water dispensing units. We can help you with ongoing aftercare services as required.

All Frigmac products come with a warranty and we also stock and supply spare parts for our water dispensing units. Our experienced refrigeration technicians are fully qualified and equipped to provide expert advice on all water dispensing solutions.

At Frigmac we’re always happy to chat about your unique business needs. Browse our products page to see the types of products we usually recommend, or get in touch today for a consultation

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