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For all your cold water dispensing and water cooling requirements

When you require an endless supply of clean, filtered drinking water, it’s best to install a mains connected water cooler. As one of Australia’s premier suppliers of water drinking systems, Frigmac has the products, experience and skilled staff to supply you with an affordable and effective solution for your drinking water. Enquire today to find out more.

Stainless steel models

Connecting a water system to your mains is simple to execute and will save you a fair amount on future water bills as you don’t have to order water all the time. We offer a range of stainless steel models, including floor standing and wall-mounted models.  When you are looking for an efficient, practical and cost effective drinking water dispenser, connecting to your water mains makes the most sense.

All stainless steel models have stainless steel panelling both on the outside and inside including the nuts, bolts and screws. A compressor-mounting plate and the base of the refrigerated water cooler are also made from stainless steel.  The electrical wiring is all double insulated for added protection and all water lines are insulated to prevent condensation.

Reliable cold water dispenser

These water dispensing systems are suitable for residential and commercial and industrial premises, and can be customised to suit a few people or hundreds of employees if need be.

Benefits of attaching a water cooler to your mains water supply

  • Regular supply of fresh cleaning water
  • No need to store, order or lift heavy bottles of water
  • No stagnant water
  • No accidents relating to water spillage
  • No admin costs
  • Fixed cost
  • Chromed Bubbler:
    Automatic self closing and height adjustable.
  • Chromed Glass Filler:
    Unbreakable handle, glass and chrome protector.
  • Stainless Steel Top:
    Designed to prevent splashing, easy access to cleaning of drains.

All specifications, dimensions, parameters and performances are subject to change without further notice.

Don’t go thirsty, make sure you have an unlimited supply of great drinking water. Contact your drinking water specialists today.

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