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Under sink water chillers, like the kind Frigmac designs and manufactures are a sophisticated solution to getting filtered drinking water in your home or office. Investing in one of our systems means purchasing high-quality solutions that are not only cost-effective but reliable and environmentally-friendly too.

Why Choose Our Under-Sink Water Chillers?

The under-bench refrigerated water coolers that we manufacture and supply offer a host of benefits and are incredibly versatile. Some of the spaces you can install our systems include residential, commercial, mining, and industrial sectors.

Of the many advantages that come with installing our systems, some of their primary benefits include:

  • Space-Saving & Aesthetic Appeal – In homes, gyms, and businesses that lack floor space, our compact water coolers are the ideal option. Additionally, if you want people to easily use your system without seeing it, our products are ideal and can be concealed under counters.
  • Reliability – Frigmac has been manufacturing refrigerated water fountains since 1977, and our team of technicians are highly qualified and hold RACIR and ARC Certification as well as RTA: AU11323, and Electrical Licenses. With that in mind, the systems we manufacture are built by the best and designed to last.
  • Environmental Friendliness – Because they don’t use plastic, our under-bench water chillers offer you the chance to diminish your carbon footprint. Storing water in plastic bottles sees much waste eventually making its way into our oceans, damaging ecosystems, and destroying the planet.

Count on Frigmac for Your Under-Bench Water Chillers

Aside from offering you professionally designed and manufactured Under sink water chillers, the team at Frigmac can provide you with personalised technical support and expert insight.

Call us today so we can help you find the perfect under-sink water chiller for your needs.

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