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MODEL 2TP-80 Split Level Water Cooler

Name: MODEL 2TP-80SS Split Level Water refrigerated water Cooler This particular water chiller is designed for schools, colleges, TAFE’s and universities.  The two different height stainless steel tops enable smaller students to access the taps easily without having to use dangerous steps in front of the chiller.  Water Supply: Main Water Supply Dimension (mm): Model 2TP80 760W x 320D x 960H (higher level)  760H (lower level), Boxed 800 x 360 x 1100  Weight: 60kgs (Boxed 66kgs) Cooling system: Compressor, R134a refrigerant Colour: Stainless Steel Power supply: 220 / 240V, 50hz, 1ph, 2.6amps, IP33, 400watts


  • Model 2TP80SS
  • This is two level refrigerated water cooler engineered to enable children and adults to be able to lean over and drink from the bubblers
  • Fitted with two faucets (one per level).  FAUCET OPTIONS: Chrome bubblers, Flexi Rubber Dial a Drink Bubbler or Rubber Mouth Bubbler  OPTIONAL EXTRA.  A Bottle Filler.
  • Has a 30 litre water storage tank and produces approximately 60 litres of cold water per hour
  • All panellng inside and outside are stainless steel
  • All the nuts, bolts and screws are stainless steel
  • With two stainless steel tops designed to prevent splashing and easy access to cleaning of water drains.
  • It has a heavy duty Stainless Steel base to support water cooler and refrigeration system
  • Fitted with a low ambient temperature control to help prevent the water cooler from running when the outside ambient temperature is below 22 degrees C. This extends the life of the water cooler and automatically closes the refrigeration system down in cooler weather. It does not turn of the water supply
  • All the electrical wiring is double insulated for added protection
  • All water lines and fittings are insulated to prevent any condensation
  • An anti freeze control fitted to help prevent the water storage tank from freezing up
  • Can be factory fitted with a filtration system
  • Designed, engineered and manufactured in Australia.
  • Has a two year warranty on the refrigeration system


All specifications, dimensions, parameters and performances subject to change without notice.



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