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Model FCJ-297

  • Wall mounted refrigerated water cooler
  • Suitable for small spaces
  • Fitted with a Chrome Bubbler
  • Fitted with a Goose neck bottle filler
  • Has a Stainless Steel Cabinet
  • It has a 2.2 litre stainless steel water storage tank and produces approximately 8 litres of cold water per hour
  • A pressure relief valve has been fitted internally to prevent high water pressure caused by thermal expansion from damaging internal pipes and fittings
  • Fitted internally with a 350kpa pressure reduction valve to control the incoming water pressure
  • Has a polished stainless steel top designed to prevent splashing and easy access to cleaning of water drain
  • All chilled water lines and fittings are insulated to prevent any condensation
  • The base is stainless steel to support the water cooler and refrigeration system
  • There is a twelve month warranty on the refrigeration system

FCJ-297 Wall Mounted

Water Supply

Main Water Supply


430W x 300D x 520H



Cooling System

R143a refrigerant

Power Supply

220 / 240 volt, 1ph, 170 watt, 50hz, IP33


Stainless Steel Power

All specifications, dimensions, parameters and performances subject to change without notice

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