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Model SO-301HC and Model SO-301H

  • Model SO-301HC room temperature and cold and Model SO-301H hot and cold.
  • This bottle water dispenser is designed to be mounted on a bench top and is available on either hot and cold or room temperature and cold.
  • Model SO-301HC room temperature and cold has a stainless steel cold water reservoir with a holding capacity of 3.2 litre.
  • Adjustable cold water thermostat.
  • Model SO-301H hot and cold with a stainless steel hot water reservoir and holding capacity of 2.2 litres.
  • Overheating protection with bi metal sensor.
  • Can be fitted with child proof hot water tap.
  • Bottle cap piercing spike
  • Available in two different style taps.
  • A two year warranty on the refrigeration
  • One year warranty on the hot water tank.




Model SO-301HC Ambient and Cold, Model SO-301H HOT AND COLD

Water Supply

Bottle Water


310W x 320D x 585H



Cooling System

Refrigerant R134a, 100W

Power Supply

220 / 240 volt, 1ph, 50hz



Heating system: 450 watt Band Heater

All specifications, dimensions, parameters and performances subject to change without notice.

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