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School Drinking Trough

  • Frigmac has a wide range heavy duty wall mounted stainless steel drinking troughs available in
  • Model DT15 3 faucet 1500mm wide x 400mm deep x 220mm high
  • Model DT20 4 faucet 2000mm wide x 400mm deep x 220mm high
  • The water drain can be fitted to the left or right hand side of the drinking trough depending upon the installation
  • All plumbing and tap ware can be easily serviced from front of the drinking trough.
  • Water from all drinking points flows away towards back of trough to prevent clothes from getting wet.
  • Faucets are designed to fit low on the drinking trough to help prevent vandalism
  • There is a variety of faucets available for this style of drinking trough.
  • Chrome bubbler (Model 285)
  • A flexi rubber dial a bubbler (Model 030774-006)
  • A flexi rubber micro bubbler (Model MC)
  • The rubber mouth guard faucets (Model TD15P)
  • New vandal proof bottle filler
  • Drinking troughs are already plumbed for installation.
  • Plumbing in plastic tubing and fittings and all water lines are insulated.

These faucets can be seen under heading Faucet (Tap ware) A refrigerated water chiller can be installed underneath these drinking troughs. (see Model FRS (to suit a 4 tap trough) or Model FRCS (to suit a 3 tap trough)

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Stainless Steel School Drinking Trough

Water Supply



Cooling System

Power Supply


All specifications, dimensions, parameters and performances subject to change without notice.

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