Large Storage Capacity Refrigerated Water Coolers

If you’re looking for a large amount of cold water in a short time, then one of our large water dispensers is your only answer. With a stainless-steel reservoir that gives you the ability to store 80-474 litres at a time, this solution is perfect for environments with a constant high demand for clean, cool drinking water.

Let’s have a look at the list of benefits associated with a bottleless water cooler – trust us, there are many.
Businesses around the world are looking for ways to cut costs while simultaneously doing their part in conservation. Luckily, the two sometimes go hand-in-hand.

A bottleless water cooler for office environments serves as an extremely cost-effective solution to on-demand water supply, connecting straight to the buildings plumbing and drainage and eliminating the need to buy plastic – a material that’s unfortunately now found in many parts of the ocean. Furthermore, a bottleless water cooler dispenser is healthier and more sanitary. This is because it employs a sealed, airtight system that greatly reduces the risk of water contamination by completely eliminating the need for human contact with the water source - bottled water cooler reservoirs are highly susceptible to airborne contaminants and contamination from bottleneck handling during bottle changes. Water delivery companies also use old plastic bottles that are regularly exposed to the sun and outdoor elements, thus increasing their likelihood to leach plastic chemicals into the water.

We probably didn’t need to mention the added convenience of low maintenance. Bottleless water dispensers are a “set it & forget it” system. You never have to worry about regular bottle changes, troublesome bottle storage, accidental water spills, and the inevitable day where you run out of supply. But one of the most important factors to our company is the fact that bottleless dispensers are more environmentally friendly – the water cooler purifies the water directly from your existing water supply as it comes through the house, making it the most cost-effective and energy-efficient method for providing clean drinking water. Delivery services that provide the bottled water also use massive trucks that carry tons of water. This wastes unnecessary fuel and releases tremendous amounts of carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

As something we’re quite proud of, push button taps are something quite often taken for granted. Our stainless steel water storage solutions are fitted with a number of chrome plated, push button taps on the front of the water cooler. This enables you fill water bottles, together with a long list of other accessories.