Underbench Refrigerated Water Coolers

If you’re looking for chilled, filtered water straight from the tap, then an under sink water filter system is your most sophisticated answer – compact refrigerated water chillers designed for installation in a cupboard under the sink.

There are many benefits of having this sort of setup, with space and aesthetic at the top of the list. Furthermore, an underbench water cooler dispenser eliminates the need for storing water in plastic bottles – a material that’s doing a lot of harm to our natural environment and one that Frigmac would like to see used less often.

We have experience in the industry since 1977, Frigmac is a leading provider of water coolers, offering innovative water chiller system solutions for the residential, commercial, mining and industrial sectors. We actually specialise in the whole process, from design to manufacturing. Think of us as the best water chiller manufacturers in town, with the ability to advise on high-end, personalised technical support. Our team of technicians is highly qualified refrigeration engineers with accreditation in refrigeration and electrical. They hold R.A.C.I.R. and ARC Certification, RTA: AU11323, and Electrical Licenses.

Whether you’re looking for an industrial water chiller or something smaller for your home, we have a refrigerated water chiller that will fit perfectly into your setup.

If you’re in search of a countertop water cooler that functions with standard water chiller system operation criteria, we’ve got the perfect solution for you – proving as a quick and convenient option for anybody in the search of chilled, filtered water straight from the tap.

Browse our selection below and choose the under counter water filter that best fits your requirements. All specifications, dimensions, parameters, and performances are subject to change without further notice. Please don’t hesitate to make contact with us about anything you’re unsure of. Give us a ring on 1300 805 732, or fill out our convenient contact us form and we’ll get back to you with a customised water cooler solution for your home, school or business.

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