Model P8ACY Sandstone

Model P8ACY Sandstone
Model P8ACY Sandstone

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Name: Model P8ACY Sandstone Water Supply: Main Water Supply Dimension (mm): 448 width x 473 depth x 480 height Weight: 28kgs Cooling system: Compressor, R134a refrigerant Colour: Sandstone Power supply: 220 / 240 volt, 1PH, 50HZ   Description/Features:

  • This water cooler is available in either Sandstone or Stainless Steel.
  • The refrigerated water cooler is mounted on the wall to enable easy access for a wheel chair.
  • Stainless Steel water storage tank delivering approximately 31 litres of cold water per hour
  • The main water inlet line is fitted with a 350 kpa pressure reduction valve and check valve
  • Internal pipework fitted with a 770 kpa pressure relief valve
  • Has a high starting torque compressor
  • Has a lead free, anti bacterial flexible rubber guard bubbler
  • Heavy Duty Galvanised Steel Frame
  • Sandstone Powder Coated cabinet
  • Front and side Anti-Microbial Push Pads to Activate the water flow. These prevent the growth of mould, mildew, microorganisms that cause influenza, staph and pneumonia
  • Stainless Steel Top designed to eliminate splashing and easy draining of waste water
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA meeting all USA and European standards
  • A twelve month warranty on the refrigeration system


The Model PWSBF Bottle Filler can be fitted.

A trim bezel to cover wall surface between unit and wall.

A filtration system can be fitted internally or externally.  

All specifications, dimensions, parameters and performances are subject to change without notice.