MODEL FRS Water Chiller to suit 4 faucet drinking trough

MODEL FRS Water Chiller to suit 4 faucet drinking trough
MODEL FRS Water Chiller to suit 4 faucet drinking trough

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Name: MODEL FRS Refrigerated Water Chiller to suit 4 faucet school drinking trough Water Supply: Main Water Supply Dimension (mm): 1350W x 340D x 280H (Boxed Dimensions 1510W x 360D x 320H)Weight: 41kgs (Boxed Weight 43kgs) Cooling system: R134a Refrigerant, compressor Colour: Stainless Steel Cabinet Power supply: 220 / 240 volt, 50hz, 1ph, 2.6 amps, 400 watts, IP33


  • This refrigerated water cooler is designed to be installed underneath a 4 faucet school drinking trough.
  • This is a wall mounted refrigerated water chiller.
  • It must be mounted horizontally.
  • Must not be installed inside a cupboard or an enclosed space.
  • It can be installed along with a new drinking trough.
  • Can also be fitted to an existing drinking trough thus saving on the cost of purchasing new troughs, faucets and plumbing installation.
  • This water cooler is fitted with a low ambient temperature control to help prevent the refrigeration system from running in cooler weather (21 degrees C or below) and extending the life of the refrigeration system.
  • All the electrical wiring is double insulated.
  • All water lines and fittings are insulated to prevent condensation.
  • Maximum working water pressure 700kpa
  • Water fittings 15mm female thread (water in and water out)
  • Will produce approximately 76 litres of cold water per hour.
  • Has a 10 amp power plug top.
  • The unit has a full stainless steel cabinet inside and outside
  • All the nuts, bolts and screws are stainless steel
  • Has heavy gauge 6mm x 100mm x 250mm stainless steel wall mounting brackets
  • There is a two year warranty on the refrigeration system.

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