Types of Portable Water Dispenser

As the name suggests, a water dispenser is simply a device that dispenses water. But you already knew that. Water dispensers have become extremely popular over the years – you can find one in almost every office building and more recently in a growing number of homes. Why? It all comes down to convenience.

In the working environment, staying hydrated is invaluable as it keeps employees healthy and feeling fresh – without having to go to the office kitchen or drag a bottle with you from home.

But what about all the different types of water dispensers? Choosing the right one can seem like a daunting task. That’s why Frigmac wants to shed some light on the topic and have you feeling confident when making your buying decision and ensuring you get the best water cooler possible for your home or business.

Let’s have a look at the types of water dispensers on the market:

A mains water dispenser is connected directly to the main water supply of your building, providing you with access to an unlimited supply of water that is cold, filtered and ready to drink. This type of cooler is most suitable for indoors and makes a great addition to large offices and corporate environments.

A bottled water dispenser is an indoor cooler that uses bottles to store water. The bottles can be purchased separately once the water has been finished and the original bottle will be used again in future when it is replaced with a new one, making this a great example of how to recycle plastic. This is one of the most energy efficient, reliable and ergonomic coolers available, and comes in both floor-standing and countertop models in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes.

At Frigmac, we also stock a range of drinking fountains that come in both small and large storage capacity. These options make it easy to drink water on-the-go without cups or other accessories and are ideal for schools, universities, parks and other leisure activity environments. Drinking fountains are plumbed directly to the infrastructure’s water supply and drainage, eliminating the worry of wastage or running out of supply. We offer solutions that are easily accessible for wheelchair users, too.

We also have portable water dispensers and underbench options that are perfect for your kitchen at home or your work place.

How long should it take for a dispenser to filter water?

According to us, not long. Filtration should actually take place before the water is dispensed. Speak to us if you’re having problems with your unit and we’ll fix it in no time. For a more direct response, give us a call on 1300 805 732 now.