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There’s nothing quite like a drink of clean, fresh, great tasting water to quench your thirst. That’s why Frigmac Pty Ltd has been supplying choice grade refrigerated water chillers, water supply systems and a wide variety of complementary hydration solutions to the Australian public for over 40 years. We’ve been quenching thirsts since 1977, so contact us for all your drinking water requirements.  With our know how and experiences, we have enjoyed a good reputation for high performance of our products and our prompt service to customers.

Water Cooler Manufacturers and Retailers

As one of Australia’s leading water cooler wholesalers and retailers, we stock a comprehensive range of water dispensing systems that we make available to the public at very reasonable prices. This includes everything from refrigerated water coolers with wheelchair access, and filtered dispensers to school drinking fountains, troughs and under-bench units. We also offer a variety of filtered water dispensers, ensuring a good clean supply of some of the best water you will ever taste.

Drinking fountains, water coolers and dispensing units

In the market for a drinking fountain, water chiller or dispensing unit for your office, factory or school? Or maybe you require a custom solution for a hospital, factory, gymnasium or mine site? No matter what your requirements, the Frigmac team has the experience and knowledge necessary to supply you with an affordable solution to your drinking water requirements.

Commercial and residential drinking water solutions

Our list of satisfied clients includes companies and individuals from all over Australia, and industries as varied as tertiary education, large-scale warehousing and mining companies. We believe our success can be attributed to good, old-fashioned client service combined with an excellent product range, a highly trained and fully qualified team of passionate staff members, and our dedication to aftercare and support services.

So whether you require a refrigerated water chiller, a water purifier, drinking water for your home, or water cooler parts you can rest assured that we will provide you with a suitable and affordable solution.


We stock an assortment of water fountains and water chillers suitable for schools of all sizes. These are easily and quickly installed and can be upgraded when required.

Mains connected water fountains

A range of stainless steel and powder coated cabinet models, which are connected to your main water supply. They can be either floor standing or wall mounted, depending on what you need.

Office Filtered Water

Keep your employees hydrated with fresh tasting water from one of our many filtered water dispensing systems designed for the office. View our gallery of products and tell us what you need.

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