Mining Industry

Choose from Frigmac’s range of purpose-built refrigerated water solutions for your mining operation.

Every mine site is different – but all mine sites are familiar with the occupational health and safety requirements that bind them. Implementing sufficient and effective drinking water dispensing systems across your mine sites not only ensures you stay compliant with OH&S regulations but also consolidates staff productivity. A network of logically mapped out water coolers and fountains ensures staff won’t lose time travelling from machinery to distant water points.

Additionally, Frigmac can help your business source high quality water so there is no need to order bottled water to your site. This reduces expense as well as significantly reducing plastic waste.

Frigmac manufactures, imports and supplies a large range of drinking water dispensing systems for mine sites to meet OH&S requirements and increase productivity. We can supply large storage water coolers to cater to large groups, as well as smaller units for on site offices.

We typically supply large capacity products to mine sites for two reasons – firstly, the high staff numbers, and secondly, the distance staff need to travel between a water source and their place of daily operations.

Frigmac can also supply water dispensers for your office, crib rooms and lunch rooms as required.

All of our products come with a warranty and we stock and supply spare parts for our water dispensing units – so you can always come to Frigmac for repairs and upgrades if you need them. 

Our refrigeration staff members are highly skilled and fully qualified to find a solution to any aftercare issue.

At Frigmac we’re always happy to chat about your unique business needs. Browse the Products Page to see the types of water coolers we usually recommend, or get in touch today for a consultation.

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