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MODEL LS400SS (PN140SS/PN1650T) Floor Standing 474 Litre Storage Refrigerated Water Chiller

  • This refrigerated water cooler has four chrome faucets on the front of the cabinet.
  • It is suitable for mine sites, shire depots, large workshops to fill large water bottles.
  • Full stainless steel panelling on outer body.
  • A seam welded stainless steel water storage tank.
  • Water level controlled by ball float.
  • An insulated, hinged, lockable lid.
  • Adjustable cold water thermostat.
  • Sturdy moulded flat / extended legs.
  • A stainless steel water storage tank with a holding capacity of 474 litres depending upon ball float setting.
  • A cooling capacity of 148 litres per hour.
  • OPTIONAL EXTRA:  A copper heat exchanger can be fitted inside the water storage tank to feed cold water to an ice machine.

Has a twelve month warranty on the refrigeration system.



LS400SS (PN140SS/PN1650T)  Floor Standing 474 Litre Storage

Water Supply

Main Water Supply


width 1098 x depth 730 x height 1568



Cooling System

Compressor, R134a refrigerant

Power Supply

220 / 240 volt, 50hz, 1ph,  Power Consumption 1450 watts, F.L.A. 6.8 amps, 15amp plug top


Stainless Steel

All specifications, dimensions, performances and parameters are subject to change without notice.


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