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Model BWT-A70 (Air Water Generator)

  • Executive stylish ultra modern, high class filtered water dispenser
  • No plumbing required
  • Hot and cold floor standing
  • This machine produces up to 70 litres of pure water from the air.
  • The amount of water produced will vary based upon relative humidity and temperature.
  • Has a Micro Computer – controls the water generation, collection, filtering, storage, heating, cooling and dispensing of the water that this appliance makes from air
  • Electronic Sensors – control the UV lamps, temperatures, water levels, energy efficiency, maintenance, safety and other functions
  • Energy Saving Sensors – control the process of making water from the air so that the appliance operates efficiently
  • Hot Water Lock – prevents accidental dispensing of hot water from the appliance
  • Venturi Fan – designed to provide maximum efficiency and reduce noise levels
  • Water Leakage Detector – in case of water leakage, the appliance will stop functioning automatically and display E5 on the control panel
  • This machine is a luxury appliance that uses a 7 – stage filtration process to create pure water from the air
  • 7 – Stage Filtration Process – with filtration system, air is drawn through the HEPA air filter. The water vapour in the air makes contact with the stainless steel coils and 7 – stage filtration process producing up to 20 litres of pure water from the air per day with no CHLORINE, FLUORIDE, LEAD OR OTHER HARMFUL CONTAMINANTS
  • It first draws in air through the HEPA filter which eliminates micro particles and dust from entering the machine
  • The water vapour in the air then comes into contact with the stainless steel coils that have been cooled down using a compressor and refrigerant, converting the vapour into its liquid form through the condensation process
  • The water drips into an ABS thermoplastic water tray and then flows into a stainless steel lower tank that contains a UV lamp to eliminate bacteria and micro organisms
  • Using state of the art micro pumps, the water is then pumped through the remaining filters, including a sediment filter that eliminates particles over 5 micron in diameter, a pre carbon filter containing activated carbon and coconut shell, an ultra fine membrane filter that eliminates particles as small as 0.01 microns in diameter, followed by a post carbon filter.
  • The water then flows into a stainless steel upper tank containing a second UV lamp to ensure there are no bacteria or microorganisms left in the water. Within the upper stainless steel reservoir, there are two stainless steel tanks. One of these tanks heats the purified water to 92°C, while the other chills to 6°C
  • Water Recirculation – exclusive technology ensures that stored water remains fresh and purified by recirculating it through the internal water filters every three hours
  • Overheat Protector – the overheat protector will automatically shut off the machine if it detects overheating
  • Refrigerant Leakage Protection – the refrigerant leakage protector will automatically shut off the machine if it detects a refrigerant leak
  • Twelve month warranty on refrigeration system



Model BWT-A70

Water Supply


Larger dispenser 300 width x 400 depth x 1160 height, smaller dispenser 370 width x 520 depth x 770 height / Boxed dimensions:  Larger unit 460 width x 330 depth x 1170 height, smaller unit 400 width x 530 depth x 1230 height


Large unit 40kg, smaller unit 50kg

Cooling System

Compressor, R134A refrigerant (large unit), R410A (smaller unit)

Power Supply

220/240 VOLT, 50hz, Larger unit 1300w, smaller 700w



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